Reality check: Obama’s “economic recovery” has been the worst since the Great Depression

One of the most controversial aspects of Barack Obama’s two terms as the President of the United States has been the economy.

Many people have defended President Obama on the issue, claiming that the reason our economy is in shambles is because of George W. Bush’s financial blunders, and that Obama has done extremely well with the hand he was dealt coming into office. That’s even been a major talking point for Obama himself. He constantly pats himself on the back for turning the economy around.

But it seems as though he doesn’t really have all that much to be gloating about.

Heartland Institute Senior Fellow Peter Ferrara reports that Obama’s economic recovery from a recession has been the country’s weakest since the Great Depression. He even compiled the statistics to back up that claim.

Ferrara states, “President Obama’s decision to dredge up failed, illogical, proven-wrong Keynesian economics, rightly left for dead more than 30 years ago, failed to generate any significant economic recovery.”

So even though it appears as though Obama has pulled the American economy back on the right path, he’s done a relatively lackluster job in comparison to many other presidents. In a lot of ways, he’s receiving praise merely for being in the right place at the right time.

That’s a serious problem with all politicians, really. They receive credit for things they didn’t do — or didn’t do well — and often don’t receive blame for issues that they directly caused or contributed to causing. Sure, the reverse can also be said, but it’s dangerous to belief that politicians are more than human beings.

By treating them as infallible gods, we refuse to adequately acknowledge their shortcomings — and there’s no denying that Barack Obama has plenty of shortcomings. Look no further than the state of our economy for evidence of that…



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