Vaccine victims are now slowly rising up against Big Pharma

The 2009 swine flu panic has prompted more than 60 million people to get vaccinated against the disease. Unfortunately, thanks to the damaging effects of the vaccine, countless numbers of individuals have now developed a range of health problems, including sleep disturbances, memory impairments and even brain damage!

Pharma corporations, of course, are always quick to deny allegations against the damaging effects of vaccines. Last year, however, Big Pharma’s protective cloak seemed to have slipped quite a bit, as pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the manufacturer of the swine flu vaccine Pandemrix, was ordered to pay about $60 million in damages to the UK government after it was determined that Pandemrix played a significant role in causing brain damage to several individuals.

“There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Pandemrix increased the occurrence of narcolepsy onset in children in some countries — and probably in most countries,” says Emmanuelle Mignot, a sleep disorder specialist from Stanford University.

Despite numerous evidence linking health problems to Pandemrix, GSK continued to turn a blind eye on the allegations against it. Even when, in 2011, the European Medicines Agency issued a warning stating that people under 20 should refrain from getting the vaccine, GSK remained mum.

Thankfully, all hope’s not lost for those who have long suffered from Big Pharma’s neglect. After last year’s ruling against GSK, more and more vaccine victims have now been getting their rightful reparations.

Take the case of ten-year-old Josh Hadfield from Somerset, England. After being given Pandemrix in 2010, Josh developed narcolepsy, a rare neurological condition causing excessive drowsiness, and cataplexy, a condition causing abrupt temporary loss of muscle function. After years of hurdling through the initially uncooperative stance of the UK government, just this year, Josh was awarded £120,000 in damages for his ordeal.

While, of course, monetary compensation would not be enough to totally indemnify numerous families for their vaccine-caused suffering, the recent ruling against GlaxoSmithKline definitely is a positive step towards eventually beating the Big Pharma vaccine monopoly.

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