FDA fast tracking flu shot containing known killer ingredient

The FDA has approved fast tracking of the Swiss-based Novartis flu shot, called Fluad. This particular flu shot contains squalene to boost immune response, supposedly.

Squalene was used in anthrax vaccines for troops during the Gulf War. It’s associated with Gulf War Syndrome – which affected thousands of American soldiers and led to greater fatalities than combat.

Squalene is something naturally produced by the body to synthesize vitamin D. But, synthetic sqaulene by injection causes an adverse immune reaction called a “cytokine storm.” The antibodies begin to attack all the squalene in your body, even the natural squalene, and this leads to any number of autoimmune conditions including partial or complete paralysis, and even death.

Squalene hasn’t been allowed for use in vaccines for quite some time. Now, suddenly, a Swiss manufacturer wants to use it to make the vaccines “more effective”and we’re fast tracking it? Italy actually halted Novartis Fluad trials because several of the test subjects died during testing.

Sounds like a real winner, doesn’t it?



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