Monsanto apologist Forbes obediently reports HPV vaccine study by corrupt Merck scientists claiming Gardasil is ‘very safe’ and everyone should get it

Forbes recently reported on a study in praise of the HPV vaccine Gardasil, claiming the vaccine had no short-term or long-term safety issues. One of the authors of the study, Michelle Berlin, M.D., co-director of the Oregon Health and Science University Center for Women’s Health, claimed the study “confirms what we already knew,” namely, that the HPV vaccine is “very safe.” These praises came at a literal expense, however, given that the study was funded by the drug giant Merck. Forbes failed to mention that.

It’s no secret that Merck has been involved in multiple cover ups that have attempted to deceive the public about the efficacy of its vaccines, and the recent study “An Overview of Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Safety” published in the Pediatric Journal of Infectious Diseases is no exception.

Scientists blow the whistle on Merck

Two former employees blew the whistle on Merck by exposing the agency for lying about the efficacy of its mumps vaccines in 2010. Merck is licensed by the FDA to provide mumps vaccines in the United States. Due to this, Merck is required to show that their vaccines are 95 percent effective.

In an effort to maintain its monopoly on Big Pharma, Merck started a program to demonstrate that the vaccine was 95 percent effective, regardless of the actual results. The whistleblowers claimed that Merck manipulated test results by adding animal antibodies to blood samples. The human body would never be able to make the antibodies added to the blood samples naturally, so it gave the appearance that the vaccine boosted the immune system more than it actually did.

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These allegations should give us pause for any study funded by Merck that claims to examine the efficacy of vaccines. Several authors of the recent study, including Michelle Vichnin, M.D., Paolo Bonanni, M.D., and Nicola P. Klein, M.D., either work for or have accepted money from Merck.

This isn’t the first time an author from the study with financial ties to Merck has served as a spokesman for vaccines. In 2008, CDC tests showed that toddlers had an increased risk for seizures, among other adverse events, due to MMRV and MMR vaccines given with varicella vaccines. Nevertheless, Dr. Nicola Klein, who was involved in the recent study reported by Forbes, wrote in a 2014 study that “these outcomes are unlikely after either vaccine.” Dr. Klein, along with two other authors, disclosed financial ties to both Merck and GlaxoSmithKline in the study.

Study ignores reports of adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine from Europe

In addition, the new study ignores recent reports from Europe about adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine. The European Medicines Agency just announced that it will conduct an investigation on whether the HPV vaccine is linked to complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). The investigation was motivated by pressure from Denmark, which has been keeping track of numerous reports from young women who suffered adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine.

It’s unsurprising that the mainstream media has failed to report on these findings. The mainstream media has been pushing vaccines for quite some time. Covering the stories would admit that the mainstream media has consistently misinformed the general public about vaccines for years.

Forbes has a history of serving as an apologist for other big corporations known to poison the public, like Monsanto. The news organization has consistently misinformed the public about the safety of Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide. Like Monsanto, Merck is a master of bribery. The article serves as another illustration of the chicanery tactics the mainstream media and Big Pharma will go to in order to promote vaccines in a positive light.

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