Two-year-old found dead following lethal vaccine schedule

Gigi Brown, a little two-year-old from Worcester, Massachusetts, has died only two days after receiving vaccinations. Her five-year-old brother found her unresponsive and ran out saying that there was something wrong with Gigi, and that she wasn’t breathing. Gigi had already turned purple and was not responding to her name or to touch.

A family friend who was visiting at the time tried to perform CPR on the little girl; he told reporters that her teeth were clenched together so tightly that he couldn’t separate them.

Neighbors report that she was a perfectly happy, healthy little girl with no previous health problems.

“She was a normal, healthy, beautiful, little girl, running around, full of smiles, chubby little legs,” reported a neighbor, who broke down crying while speaking with reporters.

Police and investigators still say the investigation is ongoing, and that an autopsy is scheduled for little Gigi. The family is not a suspect in Gigi’s death, and when the family was asked by reporters if Gigi had been showing any unusual symptoms or odd behavior recently, they said that she had received some shots at the doctor’s office.

After the shots, little Gigi had a spiked temperature but then seemed to be feeling better. However, Gigi passed away two days following the shots, indicating that little Gigi is very likely just another victim of unsafe vaccinations.

The Department of Children and Families removed the two other children from the home after Gigi’s death.


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