10 truths about vaccinations the corporate media refuses to acknowledge

Friday, July 01, 2016 by

Why won’t the media be the independent investigative force it was meant to be? Easy. Just follow the money. Those direct to consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical ads that urge you to “ask you doctor” while the voice speed reads potential side effects — abdominal bleeding, increased risk of heart attack or death — has exponentially exploded since Reagan and Clinton deregulated the airwaves. So if Big Pharma is paying the bills, Big Media isn’t going to want to reveal the dark side of their sugar daddy. But Mike Adams, the Health Ranger will. Here’s an abbreviated list of his ten truths about vaccinations you won’t hear on your living room beast box.

1.) Vaccines have mercury, a  neuro toxin with “no safe level” for man, along with a laundry list of other nasty toxic ingredients. See number 10.

2.) When vaccinations are injected, they bypass the buffer in the digestive tract, which makes them even more toxic.

3.) What else is being put in the syringe? How about a cancer virus (SV-40)? It was mixed in with the polio vaccine until 1963. Don’t believe it? Read this.

4.) Fake science and false lab results. Like when Merck lied about the MMR. And them there’s the movie, Vaxxed.

5.) Millions of children have been vaccinated, but outbreaks still occur. Do vaccines really provide immunity?

6.) Proper sanitation and improvements in waste removal helped eradicate disease, not necessarily vaccinations. Measles was not an issue, but a vaccine was made for it. Check out Dr. Suzanne Humphries work.

7.) Are unvaccinated children healthier than those vaccinated? Are autism rates, or auto immunes diseases or digestive problems lower in the unvaccinated children? Well, Big Pharma won’t do the tests to compare. Ever wonder why?

8.) If your family is damaged by a vaccination, you can’t sue the company that made the concoction. Congress gave them immunity from prosecution. And the burden is on you to file a claim. That’s burdensome, unfair and flat out wrong.

9.) Ever wonder why Katie Courie got lambasted when she spoke out about the dangers of HPV vaccine Gardasil? The industry that pays for the media doesn’t like waves.

10.) This is in conjunction with number 1. Besides neurotoxic mercury, there can be human DNA, formaldehyde, MSG, aluminum, thimerosol, egg proteins, sugar, polysorbate 80, cells from aborted fetal tissue and, as reported by Informedchoice.infomuch much more.










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