8 reasons to question everything you’ve ever heard about vaccines

Thursday, October 15, 2015 by

Arguably the biggest waste of time of our generation, vaccine companies have intentional skewed the public’s common sense, to sell what is now a billion dollar lie, that vaccinations are necessary, safe and effective. But what would people really think if they knew that highly organized groups have been preying on us for decades through our systemic lack of education and happy reception to this misnomer?

The truth is:
1) Science (truthful independent/non-corporate science) has shown over and over again, that vaccines are detrimental to health.
2) The only controversy that exists to question the fact that vaccines destroy health is the result of a propaganda campaign waged by the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.
3) The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies would go broke if they started “curing” anything.
4) “Modern medicine,” like modern politics, relies on heavy use of the “enemy concept” to convince the public that there is an invading force, i.e. the “germ,” that must be destroyed.
5) The “disease concept” is grossly misunderstood.
6) Our lifestyles and our choices create our “diseases.”
7) Our bodies are speaking to us through disease and we have radically and profoundly misinterpreted all of it.
8) Many will try to provide “statistics” and “purchased science” to persuade you that vaccines are a miracle of modern medicine.

With these kernels of doubt planted in your mind, regarding the truth behind the actual safety, efficacy and necessity of vaccines, may you have the foresight to protect yourself and your family before you become the latest victim to this billion dollar lie.



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